Artist's Statement

     The amazing twists, gentle curves and weathered textures of driftwood provide me with endless inspirations for my wood and stone sculptures. Once the wood has been cleaned and dried, I begin searching for an orientation that best directs the potential energy within each piece. Using many traditional wood working tools and techniques to carve the wood, I take advantage of the various colors and surface qualities of the wood grain. The dramatic or sometimes gentle gestures inherent with each piece of wood provide me with many interesting textures and colors that enhance the implied movements suggested by the forms. Natural, tumbled river stones are then selected and mounted onto the single wood knot, or root, to visually establish the head or focal point for each figure. The synthesis of materials combines and assumes the characteristics of dancers, angels or graceful spirits rising in the wind. 
                 Front View                             # 106 Angel Rising from a Red Sunset                         Back View   
Cedar, River Rock, Sandstone
29"H x 46"W x 14"D
Lonnie Rich, Artist on East Bay
"Listening to Wood and Stone"
                   Front View                        #3- Angel Swept Away in Divine Love                    Back View
Heart Pine, River Rock, Travertine
38" H x 50" W x 15" D