Fall-Winter 2023 Newsletter
Lonnie Rich
Retired Art Educator and Working Artist
From the Studio

​     The cool chill of fall and winter has made its way to the Gulf Coast. It is actually welcome after the steamy hot summer. The heat was absolutely oppressive.
     I have continued my work in the studio, exploring several different avenues of creativity. My musical artworks are currently being exhibited in a One-Man-Show at Artel Gallery in Pensacola, FL. The show will be up until January 6, 2024. Below are some images of the exhibition.
     When I get tired of working on the musical pieces, I have focused my time on doing some illuminations. I've taught calligraphy and lettering for over 30 years now, and I am enjoying picking up my pens again. It did take me a few weeks to feel comfortable using the pen, but now it's like second nature.
     I undertook the daunting task of illuminating The Sermon on the Mount. It took about two months to do the complete text and the accompanying illuminations, and then another two weeks to put the 16 pages into book form. I have learned a lot about the art of book binding. 
     Perhaps I will take a few weeks off during the upcoming Christmas holidays. I have several creative ideas that I need to ponder.