Fall 2018 Newsletter
Lonnie Rich, Artist on East Bay
"Listening to Wood and Stone"

From the Studio

     The "Dog Days" of August are starting to wane and I have a feeling of joy as I await the forthcoming fall season. It will be nice to be able to walk outside without so much of summer's oppressive humidity. In a few weeks the monarch butterflies will be passing through as they make their way southward.
      I've also been sure my hummingbird feeders are well stocked with fresh food each week so the little hummers will be able to fatten up for their trek south too. We have several feeders that are never enough for the little buggers, as they are very territorial.
     My creative work has suffered some this summer. The first of June, I had a bunion removed from my right metatarsal. As much as I hate just sitting, I've had little choice the last few months. The doctor is pleased with my progress and says I'm at least 3-4 weeks ahead of where most folks would be at this point in their healing. I hope to be able to stand for longer periods of time and in regular shoes soon. 
     Lou and I have been working puzzles a lot this summer; if nothing else just to get away from the television. That has led me to do a little research into artists who do artworks for puzzles and it appears to be a lucrative endeavor. There are some initial upfront expenses, but it may be something that I explore more as I search for a less stressful and less physically demanding approach to making art. I do believe that my Emerald Coast paintings would make wonderful puzzles. Apparently there are avid collectors who follow favorite artists and their artwork as it is transformed into puzzles. More on that adventure as time goes by.
      Below are a couple of my latest acrylic paintings . . . enjoy!

Emerald Wave
Acrylics on Canvas
36" x 24"
Wind and Waves
Acrylics on Canvas
40" x 30"