Spring 2019 Newsletter
Lonnie Rich, Artist on East Bay
"Listening to Wood and Stone"

From the Studio

     The first day of Spring is one of my favorite times of the year. For me it offers a new beginning to the creative energy and ideas that have been sleeping during the colder winter days.
     There are a couple of pieces that I'd like to work on this Spring. One is a larger piece of heart pine that I'd like to do for an upcoming show at Artel Gallery in Pensacola. The wood has been bleaching out in the sun for two years, or longer, and I believe when finished it will be a magnificent piece. I've saved a beautiful piece of raw cut travertine for its base. 
     The only issue is that it will be a larger piece and I've been trying to avoid the larger ones, as they do not sale as quickly. However, the wood has already spoken to me and I'll be unable to resist letting it free from its many years of sleepy confines.
     The second piece I'd like to tackle is a painting that has a very deep spiritual content and revolves around the "Windows of Soul" series that I have contemplated for so long. My inner experiences are very important to me and it's way past time that I begin to share them with viewers.
     I've re-potted my bonsai trees this winter while they've been dormant. My bonsai-ed camellia bloomed last fall and my bonsai-ed azalea has already bloomed for this Spring. One day while pruning I found a visitor all curled up along the branches of a Juniper. It was kind of hard to see at first, but as I looked closely I was able to make out the distinct image of a yard snake. We had a little chat and I left him to his business. I'm not afraid of snakes and I let them have their space, as they help control the bugs and vermin.
     I still have numerous wood and stone pieces in my studio/gallery and would delight in having you come by, even if its just to visit. You do not have to make a purchase-- though those are nice too! Have a great Spring!